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We would like to present our services in the field of producing advertising flags, banners, pennants, as well as of purchase of other advertising accessories such as : poles, office stands and pennant stands.

Flags: are printed on polyester knitwear (100%), which is produced only for needs of outdoor visual advertisement. Polyester knitwear is characterized by high durability. System of its fibres allows to display the flag even on light wind.

Print is carried out by means of ecological water-colour, which gives the effect of soft, plastic pattern.

Method of thermal preservation allows to keep the flag clean (by washing in temperature of 30C ) without any changes in colouring. This method also guards the flag against change of colour under the influence of atmospheric factors.
The price of company flags depends on: the number of colours, measurement of the flag and the number of flags.
In our offer we have also flags of all countries.

Banners: are printed on tarpaulin fabric (PCV) in paint which provides opportunity of multiple usage.
The price depends on the measurement and the number of pieces.
Pennants: are laminated and hemmed with decorative string.
Pennant stands: are chromium-plated, silver coloured, height: about 35 cm
Office stands: height - up to 2,5 m; 1, 2 or 3 branched
Multi -format prints
Aluminium and fibreglass poles
Printed designes on T-shirts and caps: flock, silk-screen printing, embroidery
Emblems, crests
Portable telescopic poles

    Poles are made of aluminium
    Smooth regulation of height from 1.5 m to 6 m
    High quality and durability of the pole
    Attractive appearance
    Horizontal branch

We also offer a free service in the field of graphic design of flags, pennants, banners or even logo of your company.

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